Orbis - Mr. Base Color Controller SPF 20 PA++ 35g

Brand from Japan: Orbis. A foundation for men that prepares the skin with a good impression like skin care. Instead of covering dark circles, blue beards, and pores that give the impression of being tired, we focus on the orange filter theory that adjusts with light. Manipulate light and color to bring out the original charm of your skin and improve your impression. With one color that fits any skin color of Japanese men, we aim for a natural finish with a complexion that does not easily come off when applied. Contains fine Spiral Essence, a complex moisturizing ingredient that cares for stickiness and dryness, so you can have clean skin without stickiness and dryness. How to use: After skin care, take an appropriate amount (about 1 to 2 pearls) and spread it evenly over the entire face.

38.5EUR :